What’s Up At Ink Smith Publishing

You can find our books online at major retailers both in the U.S. and internationally. Our books have also been found in stores such as Barnes and Noble and BJ’s Warehouse. You can of course purchase the books both paperback and ebook off of our website. www.ink-smith.com

We have been around since 2012, and while the first few books were very daunting, we now have an understanding of this industry and where it is heading. It’s not easy being an indie author or publisher for that matter. It’s not a matter of printing out a few books and becoming famous anymore. Its working together to develop a relationship with readers through the publisher and the writer. 

What do we look for in an author? We look for marketability. 

What does this mean? You should be developed online meaning social media( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress..etc) 

It also means that your story has to stick out among the rest. If your story does not catch my eye then how can it appeal to readers? This can be a simple answer of making your query letter interesting. Query Letter/ Cover Letter/ Synopsis. All three things sell to different people. The query and cover letter sell the book to the agent or editor. The synopsis sells the book to the reader (and the editor of course). With the disappearance of book stores, readers will be going off how the synopsis. 


Ink Smith Publishing is currently accepting submissions. We have a 4-5% acceptance rate, which allows us to keep our submission window open for the time being. We do not want to read the manuscripts right away. So please be sure to read the submission guidelines, but they are simple. You can find them here: www.ink-smith.com/submissions We emphasize the guidelines at both Ink Smith and Native Ink Press. Not following the guidelines can result in a rejection.

You will always get a response back from us, letting you know our decision either way. 

If we like what we read, I will request the manuscript. If we really like what we see after that, we will send you a contract. 

We ask nothing of our authors but to do their own marketing. Of course we don’t just put them out side with books in their hands going, “Here you go now market”. We work along side you with our marketing plans as well. 

We do book fairs, local events, online and social media marketing. 

We handle everything, but we allow for creative freedom. If the author wants to do their own cover they can, or I can work with the author and we can create a simple cover. 

We don’t offer advances, but we do offer some of the highest royalties around. They start at 13% of the retail price of the book and go up from there. 

We are also a close family of authors. What do I mean by that? Well, we are connected online by Facebook where my authors work together, support each other and feed off each other with marketing and sales ideas. I can’t really put into words how neat it is to work on a personal yet professional level with our authors. Instead of cold emails and feeling forgotten about, we are always there giving you updates, ideas and new information. Of course we send out monthly newsletters and my authors are notified of events in the area by email. This is what makes us unique.

If you like what you see, send us a submission! 


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