Where to start…


Where to start?

A question I know authors ask themselves as they begin a new book with the white empty pages taunting them.

So I ask myself as I start a new series of blog posts on Inkwell and Quill, where do I begin… Where to start?

I believe that this is the most “intimate” you can get with a any company, inside the mind of the person behind the curtains. I know here on WordPress that I am not alone as I write my posts. There are plenty of other editors that have blogs about writing, publishing and their company. My goal in writing on Inkwell and Quill is not only to promote the hard work of our authors and editors, but to help out other authors, writers and maybe even gain a few new readers.

I would love to get conversations going, have people ask questions about this industry and help those that I can.

So with that being said. I will start with this since it has just popped into my head:

I can’t express how excited I am for the coming year. We really have some great authors at both Ink Smith Publishing and Native Ink Press. Of course I will be writing a few posts in the future regarding several authors and their recent or upcoming magazine articles.

But I am very excited to find out if we will be at this years WonderCon in Anaheim California from April 18th-20th. If we do attend we will be in the small press section. Like past book fairs, we will have our catalog of books there along with freebies and our mobile store. It should be a lot of fun! So fingers crossed…

Concluding my first post short and sweet:

I hope I can help those lost on this crazy journey of book publishing whether you are a published author, self-published, looking for a publisher, or just getting started. It’s not an easy journey, but when you have someone to do it together with, it suddenly becomes an adventure.

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