An interesting genre

The most interesting piece of advice I have seen online about how to write a best selling novel is to not have a well written book. It wasn’t about how much money you needed to spend on marketing. And it certainly wasn’t about how getting into a book store means instant success.

The article spoke about picking a relevant, but evergreen topic. Something that seemed to be of a concern to the general public and something that everyone was going to have to at least read once. I think this can definitely be done if the writer is writing about a non-fiction topic. It is easy if a person is knowledgeable in a subject to write an entire book on a topic in an interesting genre. Advertise your book in the right places and it could possibly take off beyond your own belief.

But how does this apply to fiction?

If everyone is reading a book about a boy wizard and his adventures, then it is probably not wise to write something that is similar to this. Why? Because the readers want something new to fall in love with.

After the Twilight hype many publishers had a side note on their submission page that they were not accepting any vampire novels.

They simply were looking for something else, knowing that the “vampire” hype would die soon and any other vampire book would not sell well for awhile. However, that doesn’t mean NOT to write a book with a vampire character. Just make it unique, never compare it to the current hype and just be patient. When the supply in the book market is high with vampire novels then the demand to buy more of them will be low. However if you throw out a curve ball with a different plot-line or characters you may just see better results than if you had published the norm.

So yes, be patient, let the fad pass and go ahead and submit your novels to the right publishers. In the meantime write something else. Never stay idle!

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