Month: March 2014

Triple Points Day for Book Reviews

If you have joined the Ink Smith Publishing Book Club and have read March’s featured book, you’re in luck! Today is triple points day at the book club.

If you missed out this month, don’t worry. Join the book club today, get April’s featured book and review the book to earn points!

Those points are like cash and can be traded in for gift cards.

So head on over to the book club and take a few minutes to put up your review!


Check out our first book review:


Review March’s Book Today!

First the Book Club and Now the Street Team

If you haven’t joined our book club yet, you should.


We offer the eBook version of Featured Book of the month for free to all members.

Members can review the featured book for points.

Points earned at the Book Club can be traded in for gift cards.

Now with the street team you can earn EVEN MORE by participating in the various activities listed on the website.

There are plenty of reasons for you to join! So what are you waiting for?

Join Today!

Following the Guidelines

As an author, I can understand that it is had to keep up with the latest guidelines with publishers. There are some publishers that make it an egg hunt to find out how to even submit.

If there is one thing I know as an editor, don’t mass email your query to publishers. You can submit to multiple publishers at the “same time”, but do not do it in the same email. Many times, publishers have distinct differences in their guidelines. Mass sending a submission can easily result in a mass rejection.

I have decided to send out a simple email to those that choose to mass email their submission stating, “please resubmit according to our website.”

I won’t spoon feed them the information. I don’t want an author who can’t do research or follow simple instructions based off of a simple to navigate website. It’s not being mean, just setting a standard that we require.

This may come off as “harsh”, but I wouldn’t be writing about this topic if it didn’t happen often. The problem is, is that it happens too often.

So authors, PLEASE! Check the publishers website before submitting. Be sure that your novel falls under what they are looking for and be sure to follow ALL their guidelines. I am trying to save hearts from being broken and dreams from being crushed. To often do publishers reject books simply because the author (or agent) didn’t know what to submit.


Introducing the new Ink Smith Publishing’s Book Club!

Yes! We have a book club now. This isn’t just any ordinary book club.

At the Ink Smith Publishing (and its imprints) Book Club you have access to information others don’t! You become a street team member of Ink Smith Publishing and have the chance to review books for points that you can later cash in for prizes!

Yes, that is right.

Joining the book club you have access to the Featured Book Of The Month that is posted on our official website. The book is avaliable from the first to the last day of the month. You can review the book during or after that month, but not before! We have selected a few different websites to qualify for reviews. You can place your review on any one or all of the websites. Each review will be approved by one of our moderators. Once approved, your review will be on the website and you will receive your points.

You can trade in those points for prizes!

We are also in the process of putting up a street team and things you can do to participate in. These things will include but are not limited, attending an Ink Smith event and posting a picture of it on a social media website. Going to book stores and bringing your copy of one of our books to the store and talking to others about the book… (Hopefully they’ll buy it!) and more. We are currently working on ideas.

To verify each event you will need to post a link to the picture or social media post that you have uploaded. Once our moderators have verified it, you will receive the points.

There is also a discussion board to connect with other readers.

Go check out the website today!!!

Join Today


*This is the first but not last post introducing and talking about the book club.*

Getting Ready For Condor 21

I am looking forward to making the 2 hour trip to San Diego this weekend. Not only is the city one of my favorite to visit, but we are participating in our first non-book fair convention.

Condor 21 does have plenty of events and activities scheduled for book lovers and writers.

I think I finished working on our hand outs and freebies… I think…

We will have:

  • Bookmarks
  • Catalogs,
  • Books ACTUALLY there for sale. You don’t have to order from our mobile store unless we run out.
  • We will have a book tote for sale
  • Information on our book club
  • Opportunities to participate in street team events to earn points


If you are wondering what I mean about points, head on over to our new book club and sign up today!


Ink Smith Publishing’s March and April Book Release Giveaway

It’s that time again, but this round we are combining both March and April’s book release dates since they are close to each other.

Like usual, click the link below to enter the giveaway. Entry is free and you can retweet the giveaway everyday for more chances to win.

The prizes include:

  • 1 paperback version of the winners choice
  • 1 Ink Smith Publishing eBook package. Winners choice.
  • 5 winners will receive the eBook version of their choice.
  • 1 winner will receive the book lovers tote bag.

Condor 21

This March Ink Smith Publishing will be a vendor at Condor 21 which takes place in San Diego, California on March 21st-23rd 2014. This is an excellent Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror convention. You can come visit us along with all the other vendors there in the dealer room. There will be classes such as writing classes, Hogwarts classes and more. It’s a really great event. For more information check out there website.

Join our Facebook Event:

Project Keepsake Giveaway Winners

Our first book has released this past week and now the winners for the book release giveaway have been chosen!



The winners are:

  • Winner of the paperback: Sarah Kazi
  • Winners of the ebook: Irén Szabó, Gina Harris, Bumbaru Daniel, Barbara G. Tucker, Kannah Millano
  • Winner of the book tote: Lauren Berju Stanco
  • Winner of the Blue Bird:  Tanya Arcucci
  • Winner of the Journal: Kathie Acosta


Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see everyone participate in our future giveaways.

Our next giveaway will take place at the end of the month.