Following the Guidelines

As an author, I can understand that it is had to keep up with the latest guidelines with publishers. There are some publishers that make it an egg hunt to find out how to even submit.

If there is one thing I know as an editor, don’t mass email your query to publishers. You can submit to multiple publishers at the “same time”, but do not do it in the same email. Many times, publishers have distinct differences in their guidelines. Mass sending a submission can easily result in a mass rejection.

I have decided to send out a simple email to those that choose to mass email their submission stating, “please resubmit according to our website.”

I won’t spoon feed them the information. I don’t want an author who can’t do research or follow simple instructions based off of a simple to navigate website. It’s not being mean, just setting a standard that we require.

This may come off as “harsh”, but I wouldn’t be writing about this topic if it didn’t happen often. The problem is, is that it happens too often.

So authors, PLEASE! Check the publishers website before submitting. Be sure that your novel falls under what they are looking for and be sure to follow ALL their guidelines. I am trying to save hearts from being broken and dreams from being crushed. To often do publishers reject books simply because the author (or agent) didn’t know what to submit.


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