Month: February 2015

The Journey to Wondercon 2015 Part 1

Last year Ink Smith Publishing experienced Wondercon for the first. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Book sales and networking were the best we had ever experienced.

So this year, we decided to up our situation. We now have a large, 10×10 booth centered towards the entrance.

A 10×10 booth can’t just have a few books and a table, we have to create a larger image.

So where do I (Ashley) start?

It’s the question I’ve been asking myself for a few weeks now. I want to get every detail correct! When we first started this journey for 2015 I had several authors planning on attending. Now it’s myself and a few Ink Smith minions.

Which is completely fine! We will be bringing all our books to the show, including Native Ink Press. All our authors will get as much attention with out having to drive or fly to California.

Next week is inventory week. I will be determining which books will be a show special due to the large quantity in the warehouse and who will be featured.

I have also ordered some other items to sell in the booth in the hopes of attracting all attendees! Hopefully they will arrive in time….

You never know.