5 Fun Facts: S.A. Check

 5 Fun Facts About the Author:

  1. I’m an amateur fire juggler (that one is completely false)
  2. I consider myself a hamburger connoisseur.
  3. I love the Three Stooges (which is lucky because I’ll be writing a new Stooges comic book coming this April!!)
  4. I have no musical talent whatsoever (You’ll have to trust me on this).
  5. I just started watching Breaking Bad (I’m on Season 4 – why didn’t anyone

ever tell me how good this show is?).

  1. I apparently really stink at making 5 Fun Facts lists since this is number 6

but I felt compelled to make up for #1.


Meet the Author

SA CheckS.A. Check is a Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Comic Book writer living in Southwestern Pennsylvania with his E.R. nurse wife and tween daughter, enjoying all the small dramas that come his way. He earned his degree in English / Writing from Penn State University and has been writing all his life.

He can be found at his website www.SACheck.com , his profile page over at Ink Smith PublishingAmazonGoodreadsFacebook, or shoot him a tweet @S_A_Check.

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