Meet Grant Elliot Smith

Grant Elliot Smith

Originally from the Midwest, Grant Elliot Smith loved to read from an early age. Saving up his allowance, he spent it all at the local bookstore buying up as much as he could from the fantasy section. Writing has always been a passion of his.

His first interest was poetry, which he wrote voraciously. Some of his early work, from as far back as the 1980s, can be found in various poetry anthologies.

Completing four university degrees, including a Masters in Sociology from the University of Essex in Colchester, England, Smith has lived and worked around the world, spending a number of years in Japan. The sights and sounds from the various cultures he has seen helps to fuel his imagination for writing.

His most recent work, Rathen: The Legend of Ghrakus Castle is a fantasy novel about Rathen, a former Captain in King Delvant’s army. Rathen has retired to a quiet backwater town after the Kingdom’s forces were dissolved following the King’s sudden death. After being recruited to lead a band of fighters, healers and mages to dispel brigands from his lands Rathen, and his ex-gladiator best friend Bulo, begin to hear stories of magical creatures and numerous dead in the land they are tasked with cleansing. Despite these stories, they head for Ghrakus Castle, learning of its dark history on the way.

When they finally arrive, the full horror of their task becomes clear—with their chances of returning home dwindling, the threat of betrayal awaits.


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