Fun Fact with Evelyn Allen Harper

Evelyn Allen Harper, shared with us a fun fact, one that is part of her inspiration behind her newest book’s title, Sweet Adeline.

She sang in a trio to work her way through Anderson College (now Anderson University). They bought them a car, made the itinerary, and then sent them out to represent the college over weekends. In the summer, they toured the country, arriving back in time to start the fall semester. The three of them still stay in touch, and spend time with each other even though they live in different states.

Evelyn continues to sing today, and one such singing group that she’s involved  in, you guessed it, Sweet Adeline!

Meet the Author

Online Image
Evelyn Allen Harper was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of a coal miner. She earned her undergraduate degree from Anderson College, and later a master’s degree from Wayne State University. She taught school until the birth of her two children and after they were old enough for her to work outside the home, Evelyn sold residential real estate for the next fifteen years. Evelyn and her husband, Barry, retired to Traverse City, Michigan, and ten years into retirement, she started writing. Sweet Adeline is her 9th published book, and her third with Ink Smith Publishing. Her other two books, The Coat and The Collarare available for purchase on the Ink Smith website.

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