Fun Facts with V.J.O. Gardner

5 Fun Facts About the Author:

Her Chinese horoscope sign is the Dragon.

She loves animals and can’t imagine living in a home without at least one cat.

She could read at a 12th grade level by the time she finished 5th grade.

She rides a motorcycle and drives a stick shift Jeep.

She knows how to use most power tools and helped build their shop.


Meet the Author

Vjo GardnerWriting under the pen name V.J.O. Gardner, Valerie is an award winning hybrid author of full length fractured fairy tale fantasy novels. She is a hybrid author.

Always fascinated by both medieval times and sci-fi she was an avid reader and enjoyed a wide variety of literature and authors. She began writing in the late 1980’s after graduating from Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, where she studied Fantasy Lit and Writing. Valerie is a member of the League of Utah Writers and the United Authors Association.

Valerie has been an invited panelist at Tree City Comic Con (Boise, ID.) and at Salt Lake Comic Con (Salt Lake City, UT.) She also has been a panelist at several writers conferences including LTUE (Provo, UT.)
You can visit her at

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