Pronunciation Guide for Grey Stone

Are you ready for the dystopitan, YA werewolf fantasy Grey Stone? Well make sure you check out the pronunciation guide for all the characters before your copy arrives!

Grey Stone CoverCharacter Name Pronunciation Guide

Zinnegael (Zin-ə-gayl. The ‘ae’ form a long ‘A’ sound)

Savanh (Sah-vah)

Pietre (Pee-ay-tray)

Crespin (Kres-pin)

Grender (Gren-dər)

Wittendon (Wit-tən-don)

Kaxon (Kax-on)

Wolrijk (Wohl-rike. The ij form a long ‘I’ sound as it kite)

Hannah (ha-nah)

Carina (Car-ee-nah)

Jager (Jay-gher)

Humphrey (Hum-free)

Sarak (Say-rək)

Sadora (Sah-doh-rah)

Koll (kohl)

Tomar (Toh-mar)

Naden (Nay-dən)

Loerwoei (Loor-way or Loor-ə-way)

Draden (Dray-dən)

Markhi (Mark-hi. Long ‘I’ sound as in kite)

Winterby (Win-tər-bee)

Zinder (Zin-dər)

Rorof (Rohr-off)

Dorak (Dohr-ack)

Gog (Gahg)

Silva (Sil-vah)

Ellza (El-zah)

Borl (Borl)

Emie (Ee-mee)

Damiott (Day-mee-ot. The ‘O’ is short as in shot)

Peigh (Pay)

Quidin (Qui-din. Both ‘I’s are short as in bib)

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