About The Woman Behind “Debris”

Lorna Brown’s novel, Debris, will be coming out Spring of 2018! She is very excited about the release, as are we at Ink Smith Publishing, and her daughters are as well!

Lorna has three daughters, and they all enjoy writing—like their mom! Leyla, her oldest, writes stories–mostly for school. She has tried writing some books, but after a few pages realized it may be hard (if she only knew!). Lorna says she definitely has potential. Her middle daughter, Amelie, has started to write books as well. Lorna says she’s good, and Amelie’s teachers have said so as well! Amelie was also a reporter for her school newspaper last year. And Lorna’s youngest, Cameron, has written songs already- at age seven! I think it’s amazing her family loves the art of writing. Lorna told me that she already warned her husband Matias that he’s “sired three more writers.” Her daughters support Lorna, and cannot wait for Debris to be published. The few instances Lorna has faced some writer’s block, she says her daughters motivate her by telling her to “just keep writing.”

In addition to writing her novel, Lorna truly enjoys poetry! Some of her poems have won competitions, but even still she doesn’t consider herself a poet. She explains her favoritism for writing as follows: “Poetry is a lot more personal. The poet thinks more about the world around them in terms of themselves. While writing novels, there is a certain distance even when the subject may be difficult. I prefer that distance.

As an amateur poet and writer, I definitely understand her explanation. Writing poetry is definitely a different experience than writing stories, and sometimes poetry almost seems harder. As much inspiration as I may have for a piece, there’s a sense of vulnerability I don’t always want to (or sometimes can’t) face.

When it came to writing Debris, the title of the novel came from a poem by Lola Ridge. Lorna said the moment she read the poem, she thought it captured the mood of the book perfectly. She also said there was an uncanny amount of coincidences—Lola Ridge was born in Dublin, Ireland in December as she was (only a hundred years before). Lola’s family were miners, as was her grandfather. The two women also emigrated to the U.S. in their thirties.

So, once we fall in love with Debris, what can we expect from Lorna next? She is working on a new novel now about a drug that can erase bad memories. She uses the novel to explore the idea that, without our experiences, we might repeat the same mistakes. Essentially, a different, interesting take on forgetting traumatic memories or living and learning instead.

And so, readers, keep an eye out Spring of 2018 for Lorna Brown’s Debris!


Meet Jenna LaBollita!

Jenna’s passion for writing started very young, even winning her a Young Author Award in elementary school. Since then, she has written for The Odyssey and Puckermob, and has read countless books in many genres.

Her love for writing is unmatched, and she hopes to become a published author herself one day. Jenna holds an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey.

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