Unworthy of Anything More by Mikaela Kirin


The smell of your cigarette is sweet

sweeping into me,

my stomach growling for something to fill its cavities and

even though it normally makes me sick,

tonight it smells like popcorn

and a fire and pine

like the side of your neck when I used to

brush it with my lips;

tonight that cigarette follows me through

two different bedroom doors

and it’s like you always knew how fast I

could suffocate from something so sweet,

something so small.



About Mikaela Kirin



Mikaela Kirin, is from NJ originally, but found her way down the Appalachian trail to NC. She is a sassy student, an exhausted employee, an honest friend, and a soulfully witty writer, but you can call her bluff or burn the t-shirt. Whichever compels you the most. Make sure to follow Mikaela on Instagram @mikaelakirin and check out her hashtag #callafly to see her posts. 

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