The Flight of the Ravenhawk Cover Reveal!

J. Edward Hackett’s debut novel with Ink Smith Publishing is almost here! We begin a week of takeovers by revealing the cover for the high-fantasy novel. Filled with elves, dragons, magic, and the struggle between good and evil, The Flight of the Ravenhawk is a perfect summer read!

A second-born prince. A banished elven princess. And a power-hungry Necormancer.

Kalero Tremayne is second-born Prince of the Allurian Empire and a talented wizard and scholar. Sheltered by the throne he writes boldly about the Lightdweller religion, the Wizardium, his brother, the King, and the treatment of non-magickal subjects in the kingdom. 

After distributing his writings on forbidden magick through Alluria, Kal is brought before the tribunal to face his crimes of treason against the crown. He is ordered to recant his beliefs, but Kal refuses. The punishment: Death. 

In dragon-form, King Darnashi embraces the power of the Underdark in an attempt to carry out Kal’s sentence. Forced to flee, Kal finds himself in the Ancestral Wood with, Sylvara, an elven princess outcast. While Kal learns the balance of his power, the world of Apeiron is crashing into war. 

To end the chaos and save the world from necromancy, Kal needs the allegiance of the elves and dwarves. He must become more than the scholar he wanted to be. He must become king. 

Pre-orders begin tomorrow, June 16, 2019! Keep an eye out for our blog posts sharing the pre-order link!

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