Alec Arbogast

Alec Arbogast lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. When he’s not deep in the world of writing, he’s taking classes at the university, mulling over the next mod for his Mustang, reading way too many books at once, and incessantly drinking coffee. Before he discovered his love of writing, his passion for music led him to participate in a variety of ensembles, performing with rock groups at arts festivals and street fairs in his high school days. He doesn’t play real guitar as much anymore, but his air-guitar is on point.

Alec appreciates all kinds of prose, but is continuously captivated by horror, mystery, crime thrillers, and historical fiction. In his own writing, he likes putting unlikely heroes in unusual circumstances, and he loves creating complex characters that quite frequently don’t do the right thing. The Last Odinian is his debut novel.

You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter, and on his website,


The Last Odinian
A Night at the King’s Inn