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Poetry on Instagram

Over the last few years, poetry’s presence on Instagram has been growing. The ability to mesh two mediums, imagery and beautiful words, has been around for centuries. But today, the accessibility to quickly put together a lovely phrase and an even lovelier image is so easy that it has taken Instagram by storm. Mashable did an article, titled The radical, democratising power of Instagram poetry, in October 2018 about the rise of interest in poetry via mediums like Instagram. Interest has exploded in millennials particularly, per the article. Millennials, who are the leaders in social media trends have spurred this revolution, and revival of poetry interest . Mashable noted that while literary leaders have scoffed at the Instagram poetry movement; young readers are loving it.

If you’ve never considered purchasing a book of poetry, I encourage you to check out some of the poets below. You can view snippets of their work on their Instagram accounts and whet your appetite. Take a poetic tour of the internet and enjoy this artistic medium wherever you are! And while you’re at it, check out @poetryfoundation to meet even more authors and writers during National Poetry Month.

These are some of the top Instagram poets that we follow.

  1. @rmdrake
  2. @cleowade
  3. @rupikaur
  4.  @atticuspoetry
  5. @langleav
  6.  @poeticpoision
  7.  @yrsadaleyward
  8.  @tylerknott
  9. @nayyirah.waheed
  10.  @nikita_gil
  11. @moonmuze
  12. @mustafathepoet
  13. @adrianhendryx
  14. @quarterlifepoetry
  15. @langleav


Do you have a talented Instapoet that you follow? Make sure to share their information in the comments so other readers can discover their craft.


Independence Day (1996) by Greg Lehman

Name something good
about a place where nobody dies,
some endless beach of a world,
temperate, well-lit, so calm
the ennui has room to grow solid
on the air,

and the people you’re with
will never go anywhere else, every
bit of them, inelegant,
prone to bumbling
the weight of balance I need
to be who I am, their pact
against composure
unbreakable, keeping peace
from ever hovering down
to find you again.

I can’t see it either.
The way things are
there just isn’t a way
around moving from one spigot
to another, draining worlds
into our hands and the hands
of our young. Come on. You
do it, too.

Still, like anyone,
we could be mistaken,
so if you can do better
we’ll hear you out.

But do not expect us
to not be proactive
in the meantime.



About Greg LehmanGREGGGGGGY_B&W-25

Greg Lehman earned an MFA in creative writing from Lindenwood University and a BA in journalism from California State University at Fullerton. He has published and edited as a professional journalist, and continues to pursue the field through his website He also enjoys writing short fiction and novels, as well as poetry, sometimes


Ghosted by Greg Lehman

I never saw the poet again,
leaving things hanging
is far from silent, quiet
like a needle’s pain

around a sound
that must be there
between skin
and the finest of points, I

can’t name its pitch, maybe
she heard it, but would not
lend her volume, unwilling
to lend a clear medium

as this puncture sank, pulling
a knot that caught nothing, not
one word, graceless or the limit
she put on grace,

but what better reply
than the one that tells you
which timbre
lacks credence?

What is more graceful
than the clarity of pain
as explicit as skin
and a needle? Poise

is a gift, a plunge,
a finely cut form for knowing
where rhythms will land
before the first stanza
can end.


About Greg LehmanGREGGGGGGY_B&W-25

Greg Lehman earned an MFA in creative writing from Lindenwood University and a BA in journalism from California State University at Fullerton. He has published and edited as a professional journalist, and continues to pursue the field through his website He also enjoys writing short fiction and novels, as well as poetry, sometimes.   

Submissions Open for April 2019 Poetry Takeover

National Poetry Month is Coming! 

In honor of Poetry Month this year, Ink Smith Publishing will be accepting poetry submissions to feature on our blog! All genres are being accepted, no restrictions on length, and there is no need to be a previously published author. If you would like to participate in our takeover please follow the guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Poems should be formatted in .doc, .rxt, or .pdf format.
  2. Submissions should be emailed to: APRIL POETRY SUBMISSION should be utilized in the subject line of the email.
  3. Please include a short bio (no more than 200 words) about yourself and where to find your poetry. You may include social media handles as well, we’d love to be able to link to you when we post!
  4. You may also include a head shot, but it is not required. Please make sure if you do include a head shot it is in .jpeg or .png format, and is a business professional photo.
  5. While there are no restrictions on length, topic, or content, we do ask that the poetry be tasteful and tactful.
  6. Ink Smith plans to post as many poems as possible, but do not promise that your submission will be posted on the site.
  7. There is no fee associated with this takeover and poets are encouraged to submit multiple works.

Deadline to submit poetry is March 15th. 

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