C. David Belt

C. David Belt was born in the wilds of Evanston, WY. As a child, he lived and traveled extensively around the Far East. In Thailand, he once fed so many bananas to a monkey, the poor monkey swore off bananas for life. He served as an LDS missionary in South Korea and southern California (Korean-speaking), and yes, he loves kimchi. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Aerospace Studies, but he managed to bypass all English or writing classes. He served as a B-52 pilot in the US Air Force and as an Air Weapons Controller in the Washington Air National Guard and was deployed to locations so secret, his family still does not know where he risked life and limb (other than in a 192′ wingspan aircraft flying 200′ off the ground in mountainous terrain). When he is not writing, he sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and works as a software engineer. He collects swords, spears, and axes (oh, my!), and other medieval weapons and armor. He and his wife have six children and live in Utah with an eclectus parrot named Mork (who likes to jump on the keyboard when David is writing). There is also a cat, but she can’t be bothered to take notice of the parrot, and so that is all the mention we shall make of her. You can visit C. David Belt online at www.unwillingchild.com and at his blog www.unwillingchild.wordpress.com.


Time’s Plague: A Tale Told in Five Acts
The Witch of White Lady Hollow
The Witch and the Devourer of Souls


The Children of Lilith
Vol. 1: The Unwilling
Vol. 2: The Penitent
Vol. 3: The Prophecy

The Sweet Sister
The Arawn Prophecy
The Whole Armor of God