Debris makes its debut!

Normally, Friday the 13th makes the superstitious jumpy. But we’re jumping for joy at Ink Smith today. It is finally here! The release of Debris! Make sure to stop by Ink-Smith.com and order your copy today. Amazon and Barnes & Noble (if you use offer code STACKS on B&N, you’ll get 15% off your order too!) also offer Debris on their website. It’s available in paperback and e-book!

Front_Debris Book.pngDebris started off as a completely different novel. The original novel was a story made of three parts and Andre was the main character in one of those stories. Most of the characters were the same, but their relationships were different and once Andre met Erin in the estate (instead of the minor character she was originally), everything changed. Lorna says “all the characters had already taken their place and had been waiting for Erin to come along and change the game.

The author, L.M. Brown has been writing for at least 13 years whenever she gets the chance. She earned an MFA in cLM Bown Headshotreative writing from Emerson College, and her stories have been published in numerous magazines. She lives in Massachusetts and goes back to her hometown in Ireland when she’s working on a story. She loves getting up at 5:30am-6:00am when the house is quiet to get work done (although she can’t stand it if there are no bananas!), or after her daughters go to sleep. And even when she’s not physically writing, she’s always thinking about her stories.


Guest Author Interviews!

Hello everyone!

Ink Smith Publishing would like to help authors reach more readers! With an increase in staffing, we have decided to begin Guest Author Interviews on our blog (The Inkwell & Quill) and want to offer the opportunity to all of you.

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Corinne Anderson
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About The Woman Behind “Debris”

Lorna Brown’s novel, Debris, will be coming out Spring of 2018! She is very excited about the release, as are we at Ink Smith Publishing, and her daughters are as well!

Lorna has three daughters, and they all enjoy writing—like their mom! Leyla, her oldest, writes stories–mostly for school. She has tried writing some books, but after a few pages realized it may be hard (if she only knew!). Lorna says she definitely has potential. Her middle daughter, Amelie, has started to write books as well. Lorna says she’s good, and Amelie’s teachers have said so as well! Amelie was also a reporter for her school newspaper last year. And Lorna’s youngest, Cameron, has written songs already- at age seven! I think it’s amazing her family loves the art of writing. Lorna told me that she already warned her husband Matias that he’s “sired three more writers.” Her daughters support Lorna, and cannot wait for Debris to be published. The few instances Lorna has faced some writer’s block, she says her daughters motivate her by telling her to “just keep writing.”

In addition to writing her novel, Lorna truly enjoys poetry! Some of her poems have won competitions, but even still she doesn’t consider herself a poet. She explains her favoritism for writing as follows: “Poetry is a lot more personal. The poet thinks more about the world around them in terms of themselves. While writing novels, there is a certain distance even when the subject may be difficult. I prefer that distance.

As an amateur poet and writer, I definitely understand her explanation. Writing poetry is definitely a different experience than writing stories, and sometimes poetry almost seems harder. As much inspiration as I may have for a piece, there’s a sense of vulnerability I don’t always want to (or sometimes can’t) face.

When it came to writing Debris, the title of the novel came from a poem by Lola Ridge. Lorna said the moment she read the poem, she thought it captured the mood of the book perfectly. She also said there was an uncanny amount of coincidences—Lola Ridge was born in Dublin, Ireland in December as she was (only a hundred years before). Lola’s family were miners, as was her grandfather. The two women also emigrated to the U.S. in their thirties.

So, once we fall in love with Debris, what can we expect from Lorna next? She is working on a new novel now about a drug that can erase bad memories. She uses the novel to explore the idea that, without our experiences, we might repeat the same mistakes. Essentially, a different, interesting take on forgetting traumatic memories or living and learning instead.

And so, readers, keep an eye out Spring of 2018 for Lorna Brown’s Debris!


Meet Jenna LaBollita!

Jenna’s passion for writing started very young, even winning her a Young Author Award in elementary school. Since then, she has written for The Odyssey and Puckermob, and has read countless books in many genres.

Her love for writing is unmatched, and she hopes to become a published author herself one day. Jenna holds an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey.

The Last Odinian is Coming!

When Edward Koenig arrives at the lonely coastal town of Pinemist Bay, the only thing on his mind is finding his family. With just a telepathic message from his daughter to guide him, only one thing is clear. His wife and daughter are in mortal danger.

In order to find them, Koenig must place his trust in a few locals and delve headlong into the mysterious past of Pinemist Bay – a past centered around an ancient Scandinavian pagan rite that has all but vanished from the rest of the world.

Beneath its insouciant guise, Pinemist Bay conceals both the hidden truth of Koenig’s family’s past and the key to an intrinsic bond with his daughter that he never could have imagined. But in order to save her, he must first play cat and mouse with a zealous pagan cult whose only goal is to lure him into the arms of an arcane presence that waits in the shadows of the pine forest.

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About Just How Long is a Lifetime?

When Luisa, a young girl in nineteenth-century Sicily, falls in love with Giovanni, she is destined for heartache. Luisa’s father has plans for her – to marry the heir of the vineyard that both Luisa’s and

Giovanni’s families work on. Avoiding trouble, Giovanni’s father decides to leave the vineyard after the young couple is caught together.

Following her father’s orders, Luisa marries the heir, Lorenzo, and together they build a family. But fate leads Giovanni back to the vineyard, this time working for Luisa’s husband. All too soon, Lorenzo learns of their past and jealousy sets the barn on fire.

While Giovanni perishes in the flames, Luisa remains unharmed – and extraordinarily, eternally 32. As her family ages around her, Luisa is forced to adapt to each new decade, the mystery of the fire burning in the back of her mind. Will Luisa finally find the answers to a happy ending, or is time against her even when things start to fall into place?

Welcome, Angela Johnson!

Angela Johnson, Children’s Editor Intern – Native Ink Press

Angela is an educator, editor, writer, and poet. She received her Masters of Fine Arts and Masters of Science in Education in New York City where she worked as an elementary school teacher. Her classroom was always filled with literature and she learned earlier on in her tenure that she wanted to edit/write children’s books. Angela has been an editor for two years, and currently works as a freelance writer and poet.

Summer Interns Wanted!

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*Internships are unpaid but could result in future employment. All positions are remote and interns will be held to strict deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines will result in early termination. Internships are not for credit. All questions can be directed to Corinne Anderson at EditorInkSmithPublishing@gmail.com.

Julie Flanders at Marysville Public Library


Author Julie Flanders will be giving a presentation about her writing and books on Tuesday, May 9 in Marysville, Ohio (Baby Moo’s hometown!). The Marysville Public Library invited her to be a part of their author series. The event, 12th Annual Friends of the Library Author Series, will begin at 7pm at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.39.07 PM

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for updates on her events, pictures of Baby Moo, and other Julie Flanders news at @julesflanders!