The Journey To Wondercon Update #1

I’ve decided to “journal” the next 14 days as we get ready for Wondercon 2014.
If you don’t know what Wondercon is, then listen up!
Wondercon is hosted by the same company who puts on the giant Comic Con in San Diego California. It is smaller compared to the 120K who attend Comic Con. About 50-60K will be in attendance at Wondercon, or maybe more! They seem to be growing every year.

Up until now, Ink Smith has only attended small book fairs. Condor 21 which was our first experience at a “con” vention had about 650 people in attendance. To our surprise we sold out of a few books and sold several book bags.

Now my dilemma is this: What to expect at an event with attendance in the thousands?

I am in the process of putting the book order together, but I don’t want to over order. I also definitely don’t want to sell out of items on the first day.

Ideally if someone has had experience with this kind of thing I would love your input!

I currently have on order 15 copies of those books that I sold out of, 10 books of those that sold one or have previously been popular at book events, and 5 of those who haven’t really drawn much attention at events. I also am planning to have 40-50 book bags for sale as well. I was told to order about 300 books for this event, but I’m a little uneasy about order that many books. On that note, we will be at other events this year. So extra books wouldn’t be an issue either.
Or should I order more?

I also will be selling Quill pens as well that I have been hand dying and making myself. I will only have a select amount of those there as time keeps eluding me.

Our position is in the back left corner. I have plans to over come this obstacle, although I’ve been told that being in the corner might be a good thing.

So thoughts? What should I do? How many should I order? Advice?

I am very excited!

Ink Smith Publishing at Wondercon 2014


We are pleased to FINALLY announce that we will be at WonderCon this April 2014. There had been a slight delay on confirming our location, but we can officially say that we will be there.

WonderCon is put on by the same company that hosts the giant San Diego Comic Con.

We will have a table in the Small Press section. We will also have our catalog of books available for purchase on site and our mobile store! We will also have freebies and your chance to enter an exclusive WonderCon Giveaway!

I am sure we will have more information as the event date nears.

The official dates are:

April 18th-20th 2014. 

I plan on dressing up a bit, and having fun at this great event!

So come by, dress up, have fun, and hang out with Ink Smith Publishing at the 2014 WonderCon in Anaheim California!

The link below is for the official WonderCon website.