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We are pleased to announce that we will be open for submissions once more! Our submission reading period will start February 1st 2015 and run until July 2015. Any submission submitted before or after these dates will be read during the next submission reading period.

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Being Incredible In Someone Else’s Life… Continued

Last week we introduced you to Native Ink Press’ author, Vincent Vinas and his new book Incredible Edible Meg.

Today I wanted to give everyone links on where you can purchase the ebook and print version of the book.

For every print book purchased Vincent will donate $1 from his royalties to Anti-bullying. For every eBook sold, he will donate $0.50. Native Ink Press will match his donation at the end of the campaign on August 20th 2014. Please help support this great cause!


To Buy The Print Version: $13.99


Native Ink Press

BnN (coming soon)


Ebook version $4.99



Be Incredible In Someone Else’s Life

Incredible Edible Meg No Titles Cover

By: Vincent Vinas

After looking for laughs in dark places with my debut novel, The Funeral Portrait, I’m now looking for laughs in silly places. My first children’s book, Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura, is part adventure, part fantasy, part steampunk, part sci-fi and all zany! In the peaceful town of Crabble Creek, the exceptionally devious Basil Blizzard wants nothing more than to be a “mad” scientist but he is missing one crucial element—he isn’t mad! His friends would probably describe him as fiercely sane, but he doesn’t have any friends. Nevertheless, Basil feels that like his ancestors before him, insanity will allow him to reach his full potential in his castle’s laboratory. Sounds insane already to me.


On the other side of town lives the most brilliant and kindest scientist, Dill DeMorrow. Dill doesn’t need insanity to achieve greatness, it just comes naturally. Some would say (including Dill) would say his greatest achievement was the creation of his daughter, Nutmeg. She is brilliant; she is adorable; she is made of cake. If that doesn’t make her special enough, just wait, there’s more! If you were to make a wish during the hour of your birth and blow out a candle that is planted in Nutmeg’s spongy little cake hand, your wish will actually come true.


As you can imagine, the moment Basil finds out about this he hatches an evil plan to obtain his elusive insanity through the use of Nutmeg’s powers, whether she likes it or not. This will set Nutmeg off on a journey into one wacky situation after another full of danger, candy and a snake-like camera that does more than take your picture.


Incredible Edible Meg in The Medusa Eye Camera Obscura is a silly escape for kids and adults alike who are in touch with their imaginations. Things aren’t always fun and laughs though and it’s nice to help out people in need whenever you can. Just as I donated proceeds from the first 45 days of sales from The Funeral Portrait to breast cancer research, I plan on doing similar with this new book. My charity this time around will be the Pacer Center, which offers help in many areas but the one particular area I’m focusing on is getting help for children when it comes to recognizing and dealing with bullying. Being a kid and growing up is hard enough without having to deal with bullying in any capacity.

The fundraiser will start May 22nd 2014 and continue through August 20th 2014. Our goal is to raise $1000 dollars. However much money I raise, Native Ink Press will match the donation!

The book will be on sale every where starting tomorrow, but is already on sale at the following sites: