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You have a story, but you aren’t ready

Writing is something that some people, the writers, feel compelled to do. It isn’t a pastime, it’s  not something that you do occasionally, you have to do it. Sometimes, it’s almost as if it’s painful to not write.

But what happens when you aren’t ready to write what you know you need to? Do you just not write it? Do you let that story go?

Yes. And no.

Recently, I’ve had some moments in my life that I’d like to write about. But I know I’m not ready to write them. I put my pen to paper and I get a few sentences down – usually the angry parts that really don’t make much sense without the context of the entire story.

And then I find I can’t put into words the rest of the story.

Sometimes we have to accept that while we need to write the story it isn’t always the right time to write it. It takes time, you need time to reflect and to understand your story just as much as you would if you were creating a brand new world. Emotion is a wonderful thing, and you should share it. That’s what every professor you’ve ever had has instructed you to, “Make people feel your story.”

But your story should have resolution, or a reason for not having resolution. We should learn, reflect and make sure we tell the story in its entirety. The good, the bad, the awful, the too-terrible-to-talk-about.

An interview with Kelly Fig Smith, reveals a lot of things that people writing memoir should take note of.  Smith is the winner of Creative Nonfiction’s Spring 2015 $1,000 prize for best essay in The Memoir Issue #55. Her essay, “Do No Harm,” was chosen by the magazine’s editors from more than 1,700 submissions. You can read her full interview with Creative Nonfiction on their website:

You can also check out some great tips on Reader’s Digest, on how to write your memoir.



Connect with me on Twitter! @AndersonCorinne

Connect with me on Twitter! @AndersonCorinne

Corinne is an editor at Ink Smith Publishing. Since her first trip to the library when she was a toddler, Corinne has been collecting books, recommending her favorites and providing commentary on the less-than-stellar. Her belief is that if you have a problem, it’s nothing that a good book can’t solve. Currently, she is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Lindenwood University, editing for Ink Smith Publishing and hoping that her blog posts here will help writers improve and publish their work.