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Evelyn Allen Harper Releases New Book: Essence!

Evelyn Allen Harper just published her tenth book, Essence! This mystery novel is tinged with the paranormal and filled with surprises at every turn. You can find Essence available for purchase on the Ink Smith website, or on Amazon!

We chatted with Evelyn about her current projects, what she has learned as an author, and what is behind her inspiration.

Ink Smith: What are your current projects?
Evelyn: While waiting for my current book, Essence, to be edited, I started to write a story, still with no title, in the first-person tense. I’m just sorry I hadn’t tried writing in that tense sooner.

Ink Smith: Can you share a little of your current work with us?
This is an excerpt from the untitled story I’m writing while waiting for Essence to be edited.

“Buck and his gun were gone, so who was doing the shouting? The sounds were getting desperate so I ran to the cave’s opening and peeked out. There was no one out there, and all that I saw were sheets of copy paper, many with something red on them, being blown around by the wind. Where was the shouter? Moans from behind a huge tree answered my question. I cautiously crept toward the sound, peered around the tree, and screamed. The mountain lion lifted his bloody head from his prey and looked at me. I screamed again when I saw what he’d been chewing on. It was Buck.”

Ink Smith: Did you learn anything from writing your books, and what was it?Evelyn: Essence is my tenth book. In every book, there were many topics I had to look up on the Internet such as the climate of the area where the story is taking place, to the symptoms of a poisonous snake bite. Facts I pick up while writing one book, I sometimes use in another book.

Ink Smith: What inspired you to write your first book?
I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome most of my life. Neither of my two sisters is afflicted with it, so one night when the syndrome wouldn’t let me sleep, I sat down at the computer and started a story that had the main character, Molly, crying over her ‘crazy legs’ that wouldn’t let her stay in bed. I emailed the story to my sisters, and when they contacted me and demanded to know “What happened next?” I continued the story for six books in the Accidental Mystery Series.

Ink Smith: Is there a message in your novels that you want your readers to grasp?
The six books in the Accidental Mystery Series are filled with facts about Restless Leg Syndrome. The Nightwalker, a publication of the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation, gave me free advertisement for my books. I picked up readers from all over the country. The next four published books are just for reading pleasure.

Ink Smith: Do you have any advice for other writers?
My advice is to just try to write and see what happens. You just might surprise yourself.

Ink Smith: If you had to do it all over again what would you change in your latest work?
I wouldn’t change the plot, but when I read the printed book, I always find many sentences that I would love to have the chance to change.

Fun facts about Evelyn: Her favorite color is red! And she loves ethnic food.

Be sure to follow Evelyn on her website: www.evelynallenharper.com!


About Essence

“Why are you wearing my wife’s perfume?” Laura Baker’s rescuer demanded, after
hoisting her out of the water.

Laura, a typical stay-at- home mom, is jolted out of her complacent world when she
discovers that her best friend, Joan Wilberson, is having an affair with her husband.
Banished from Laura’s life, Joan is an easy target for the escaped serial killer, George
Knox, but when George’s murderous plan is interrupted, the quiet town is thrown into

Broken hearted from losing both her husband and her friend, Laura is driven back to
her passion of painting and into the path of Josh Lang, a recently widowed author,
battling his own ghosts.

It isn’t until the alluring, Bob Miller, catches Laura’s eye that she thinks her life is
back on track. With no recent sightings of the dangerous convict, the small town is lulled
back to sleep, but unknown to Laura and the rest of the town, something much more
sinister is afoot.

Author Interview with Evelyn Allen Harper

Ink Smith: Where do you do most of your writing? What is your process like?

Evelyn: The view out of the picture window by my desk is a small lake called Pearl. No matter the season, the view is always beautiful. I write at no special time as I have been fortunate to survive well into retirement and all the free time that brings. How I write is another story. I don’t know too many writers, so I don’t know if anyone else writes the way I do. When I start a book, I invent characters and a setting, and then sit back and watch them. I just record what I see and what I hear. I’ve written nine books using this method, so it works for me.

Ink Smith: Who are your favorite authors/books? Why?

Evelyn: What I like to read depends on my mood and what is going on in my life. Sometimes I like to read thrillers, and other times when I pick up a book and terrible things are happening, I can’t read it. Deep dark complex writing that I have to reread several times to figure out what could have been said in simpler terms doesn’t appeal to me at any time. There are so many books out there to read that if a book hasn’t captured my attention in the first couple of chapters, I don’t finish the book. In my younger years I used to read to the bitter end, no matter what. Old age has taught me that I don’t have to finish the book if I don’t like it. So who is my favorite author? Any writer who gets my attention and keeps my attention.

Ink Smith: How did you come up with the idea for Sweet Adeline? How long did it take you to write it?Sweet Adeline Cover

Evelyn: Knowing several couples who reunited with their old love at a school
reunion, I used that information to begin my story. I would say it took me about a year and a half to complete the book. I have sung with Sweet Adeline International for twenty-five years and for that reason I named my character Adeline. When her boyfriend harmonized with three other guys to sing the chorus of “Sweet Adeline”, it was just natural to title the book, “Sweet Adeline”.


 Ink Smith: When did the “writing bug” as you call it, bite?

Evelyn: The writing bug didn’t bite me until I was well into retirement. But once it bit, it became an obsession. To me, a day without writing is a day without sunshine. I had never written, not even a short story, but once I started, I couldn’t stop. The first venture into my new hobby was writing six books in The Accidental Mystery Series, followed by a two book series, The Coat and The Collar.

I write every day.


Meet the Author

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Evelyn Allen Harper was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of a coal miner. She earned her undergraduate degree from Anderson College, and later a master’s degree from Wayne State University. She taught school until the birth of her two children and after they were old enough for her to work outside the home, Evelyn sold residential real estate for the next fifteen years. Evelyn and her husband, Barry, retired to Traverse City, Michigan, and ten years into retirement, she started writing. Sweet Adeline is her 9th published book, and her third with Ink Smith Publishing. Her other two books, The Coat and The Collarare available for purchase on the Ink Smith website.

Meet Evelyn Allen Harper

0-For back of Sweet Adeline-cEvelyn Allen Harper was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of a coal miner. Money was scarce, but she managed to earn her undergrad degree from Anderson College, and later a master’s degree from Wayne State University. She settled in Michigan where she met Barry Harper at a wedding and later married him. She taught school until the birth of her two children and after they were old enough for her to work outside the home, Evelyn sold residential real estate for the next fifteen years.


Evelyn and her husband retired to Traverse City, Michigan. Ten years into retirement, she started writing. Sweet Adeline is her 9th published book, and her third with Ink Smith Publishing. Her other two books, The Coat and The Collarare available for purchase.

Cover Reveal: The Coat By Evelyn Allen Harper

Ink Smith Publishing’s January release: The Coat 

Here is the official cover! 


Release Date: January 9th 2014

Author: Evelyn Allen Harper

Genre: Crime Drama, Humor


Susan Cook, a residential real estate agent, has no reason to believe that her customer, Charles Holiday, is anything but an ordinary buyer. She finds out that he is neither ordinary nor a buyer when he shows up at her house along with the paid killers who are pursuing him. A wild ride in her car gets them to Charles’s safe house where he has a small plane. When Susan wishes that she had grabbed a warmer coat, Charles presents her with a huge fur-lined fur coat that had been given to him as a gag prize at a golf tournament.

The small plane crashes. Charles and Susan and the fur coat manage to escape the wreckage before it explodes. Charles, who sustains a head injury in the crash, claims his name is not Charles, but Ryan, a famous professional golfer. He remembers nothing of Charles and he thinks Susan is a groupie, albeit an old one.

Stranded on a marijuana farm, the coat is the only protection the two have from the elements. However, it does not protect Ryan from his pursuers.


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