Everyone is an author

What does it mean to be an “author”?

Even if you have never had your work published professionally you are still an author. You are the author of your life. The words you type on a word document, online or on a piece of paper means you are an author. No you might not be a “published” author, but does that really matter in our hearts?

My point being is to let you know there is a difference between you and those “authors” that become known.

It’s called passion and dedication.

Truth be told just because someone presses the “publish” button does not mean that the author is going to be instantly famous and sell thousands of copies. That is the hard truth. And no, publishing isn’t a matter of pressing a button, a lot more goes into it! But that is a different post.

The passion comes into play when writing. You are so passionate about your characters, your story and the setting you have created that they seem to dance on the pages as we read it. Which is great and yes that does indeed help sell books along with a unique story line. It’s the dedication that will take you all the way, and perhaps a bit of luck. Those who are dedicated to find the latest contests, network with other bloggers, drive miles to different book fairs or stand on the corner of a street fair passing out book marks hoping that at least one of those people will buy your book, will be the one that goes farther than the author who expects it to happen.

Unfortunately publishers don’t do enough of this for the author. I’ve heard stories of authors at major publishers that have to do just as much work as those from smaller publishers like ourselves. It was the dedication and word of mouth snow ball effect that makes many books become great sellers.

It’s the harsh truth. However if you call that harsh, perhaps being a “professional” author isn’t the right route for you. If you haven’t learned by now, this industry has a large amount of heartbreaks, especially the rejection letters.

So don’t give up. The beginning is always slow and it will be the dedication that can take you further than the next!