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Getting Ready For Condor 21

I am looking forward to making the 2 hour trip to San Diego this weekend. Not only is the city one of my favorite to visit, but we are participating in our first non-book fair convention.

Condor 21 does have plenty of events and activities scheduled for book lovers and writers.

I think I finished working on our hand outs and freebies… I think…

We will have:

  • Bookmarks
  • Catalogs,
  • Books ACTUALLY there for sale. You don’t have to order from our mobile store unless we run out.
  • We will have a book tote for sale
  • Information on our book club
  • Opportunities to participate in street team events to earn points


If you are wondering what I mean about points, head on over to our new book club and sign up today!


Condor 21

This March Ink Smith Publishing will be a vendor at Condor 21 which takes place in San Diego, California on March 21st-23rd 2014. This is an excellent Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror convention. You can come visit us along with all the other vendors there in the dealer room. There will be classes such as writing classes, Hogwarts classes and more. It’s a really great event. For more information check out there website.

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