Thaddeus Yeiser & Steven Bair


Thaddeus Yeiser was born in Butler, Pennsylvania and later lived all over the keystone state including Erie, York, and Harrisburg. He studied broadcasting and helped run a sports radio station in college. When he’s not screenwriting, novel writing, or following his favorite sports teams, you can find him soaking up nature or putting in long hours at the call center that’s he’s been running for the better part of three years. He is a student of history and a lover of scotch. 


Steven Bair was born and raised in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. He studied biology and philosophy in college and has been working in healthcare since. Primarily, he enjoys hiking with friends, but being with his family in Pennsylvania is a close second. Of all the places on earth, his favorite is a cottage, where he enjoys watching the forest in quietude and thinking about all the things he could write. He lives in Arizona with his long-time partner and a spoiled house cat. Steven’s love is constantly split between the sciences and the classical arts. It seems to be working out. 


Follow their writing journey on Twitter @SCBair and @thadyeiser!


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