How I Finally Became a Mom by Jennifer Carr

Seasons came and went
As did 15 years of my life
During that time I was told
Some people are not born to be a mo
That I was not born to be a mother
I heard that lie so many times
I convinced myself of that truth
Like inmates convicted for crimes
They believed they didn’t commit
I was not better than those convicted
Those convicted in her eyes
Incarcerated in her crippling care
The cage that clipped my wings
The yard I yearned to feel the sun
Stopped my dreams in mid flight
No longer was the sky the limit
I could not see pas the bars
She enslaved me in
And yet, I loved her
And would have died for her
In fact, I almost did several times
After death comes rebirth
Then comes that newfound hope
Hope which brought courage
Suddenly I had not fear
It took me 6 months
Of carefully laid out plans
To plan my escape route
But it paid off
It all paid off
I broke free from that cage
And learned to fly once again
No more solitary confinement
Today, 7 years have passed
And the greatest gift
Besides my freedom
Is the sounds of small fee
Running around
With their blessed hearts
Because they have made me a mom
That’s right, I was born to be a mom
God knew all along
He would bless upon me 2 children
When the time was right
After I was able to leave
My jail cell behind me
Because the sentence time
Wasn’t mine to have to serve



About Jennifer Carr

Poetry written by Jennifer Carr. Jennifer lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and enjoys spending time with her partner and two children. She is an EMT and firefighter. When she is not working at the local hospital, she spends way too much time writing poetry. Her poetry has been published by Triumph House Poetry with a Purpose. Her poetry has also been recognized by ZenUnleashed, Fanstory, as well as several newspapers. She loves flying by her own wings and looks for any opportunity to soar to new heights. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, @PoetryHaiku13.

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