ISP Book Publishing Awards VS. General Book Submissions

Starting August 1st, Ink Smith Publishing is starting our first annual Book Publishing Awards. These awards will focus on three genres and their sub genres.

Why should you enter into the Book Publishing Awards instead of waiting for general book submissions to reopen?

Our general submissions run for a short amount of time every year. At that time, authors with books in all genres are welcomed to submit their query. From open to close, we receive thousands of submissions in multiple genres. Which makes competition fierce. Out of our general submissions, we will sign contracts with about 4-6 authors.

With our genre specific book publishing awards, the entrants will not be competing against as many submissions.

The ISP 2015 Book Publishing Awards are meant to be a straightforward opportunity for dedicated and passionate authors with extraordinary work to get published.

You can post any questions you may have below.

More posts to come. Stay Tuned.

Enter the 2015 ISP Book Publishing Awards now to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to have your book considered for cash prizes, awards, exposure, and possible representation by a leading publishing company.

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Celebrate Ink Smith Publishing’s 3 Year Anniversary!

July is Ink Smith Publishing’s Anniversary month. We started in July 2012. Our initial goal was to publish the best in Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction and Horror. However that quickly changed. After several great submission in genres ranging from Comedy, Paranormal and Thrillers, we changed what we were looking for to one simple thing, a well written and developed book that readers couldn’t put down. That’s why in our catalog you will see a wide range of genres.

Celebration Events:

Starting today, we are offering select ebooks on for free! This offer will go from July 23rd to 27th. Don’t miss out!

Submission Contest:

Starting August 1st 2015, we will begin our first annual submission contest. This year, we are looking for books in the genres of Fantasy, Sci-fi and Horror. We will be selecting one winner for each genre.

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Please Vote For Ink Smith Publishing!


What are you voting for? Our future.

Chase will be giving 20 businesses the opportunity they’ve need to grow, a grant.

Ink Smith Publishing and Native Ink Press are two small and  small independent yet traditional publishing companies. We support and dedicate our authors to grow both as individuals and in books sales. We stand for more than just the bottom line. Many of our authors also get experience working with us in the field, such as cover artists, formatting and more. We are more than just a publishing company; we are the future of what this industry should be.

Due to our recent growth, we are now able to provide editors for our authors to work with. Our editors focus on more than just the book. They work on teaching the author techniques for any future novels.

Most recently, we are now able to provide our authors with book covers that are more than just basic.

It is these small, but continual growths that the grant would help us with.

So please vote for us! We need less than 90 at this point. Your support would mean the world to us!

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The Journey to Wondercon 2015 Part 1

Last year Ink Smith Publishing experienced Wondercon for the first. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. Book sales and networking were the best we had ever experienced.

So this year, we decided to up our situation. We now have a large, 10×10 booth centered towards the entrance.

A 10×10 booth can’t just have a few books and a table, we have to create a larger image.

So where do I (Ashley) start?

It’s the question I’ve been asking myself for a few weeks now. I want to get every detail correct! When we first started this journey for 2015 I had several authors planning on attending. Now it’s myself and a few Ink Smith minions.

Which is completely fine! We will be bringing all our books to the show, including Native Ink Press. All our authors will get as much attention with out having to drive or fly to California.

Next week is inventory week. I will be determining which books will be a show special due to the large quantity in the warehouse and who will be featured.

I have also ordered some other items to sell in the booth in the hopes of attracting all attendees! Hopefully they will arrive in time….

You never know.


Submissions Start February 1st!

We are pleased to announce that we will be open for submissions once more! Our submission reading period will start February 1st 2015 and run until July 2015. Any submission submitted before or after these dates will be read during the next submission reading period.

Please review our guidelines before submitting as they have changed.

If you are interested in submitting fiction:

If you are interested in submitting non-fiction or children’s stories:

2 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Prizes Include:

  • $25 Dollar Gift Card to Barnes and Noble
  • $15 Dollar iTunes Gift Card
  • An Autograph copy of The Coat
  • An Autograph copy of Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
  • An Autograph copy of Celestina Silvenfare: The Legend Begins
  • An Autograph copy of Daemon Theory
  • An Autograph copy of Incredible Edible Meg
  • An Autograph copy of Polar Night
  • 3 Original Cover Artworks by Hargrove Perth
  • 1 Original Art Work from Mary Ann Powell and Horse Tales

There are plenty of ways to enter and over a hundred dollars worth in prizes!

Be sure to enter today.
The giveaway will run between July 1st and July 31st. We are very excited to enter into our 3rd year!


Enter today:



7 Days left For Submissions!

This is a very quick shout out to all the writers out there.

There are 7 days left to get your book submission in to Ink Smith Publishing for consideration. Any books submitted after July 1st will be read starting January 1st 2015. Please share the word! We want to give everyone a fair chance and enough notice.

Please follow all submission guidelines, or use our form.

Lauren Scharhag- Guest Author Interview

Lauren Scharhag

Book Page:
Publisher: Indie author

What are your current projects?

“I am the co-author of The Order of the Four Sons (O4S) series with Coyote Kishpaugh. Currently, we are working on Book IV, which is the final book of the series. O4S is about a group of paranormal investigators who get sucked through a series of interdimensional gates and have to find their way back home again. It’s very character-driven, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I am also working on a solo project called Black Antler Farm, about a family in a small town whose teenage daughter goes missing. ”

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Just carving time out of each and every day to do it. But I have to do it. It’s a compulsion. If I don’t get some regular writing time in, I feel a little unspooled.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I actually wrote my first book when I was 13. I had been writing short stories, poetry and little one-act plays from the time I was eight or so. I’ve always loved to read, and I remember one day I thought, “Hey, I could do this.” I remember thinking that there could be nothing better– and I was right about that part. There is nothing better than writing. But the first book was absolutely awful. The second one was also pretty bad. I think my third one was my first real, mature work. You just have to keep at it.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I like to think I have some stylistic trademarks– I like word play. I like clean, disciplined sentences. But I also like to make the voice suit the character, so I also like to think of myself as a chameleon, a mimic. In my novel, Under Julia, several different characters who are on parole tell their stories and I worked very hard to make them all different from each other.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Since we’re on Book IV of the O4S series, I’d like to say thanks to those who’ve stuck with us this far. I hope you’ve come to love the characters as much as we do. I hope you’re excited about the end. We do foresee writing some other books related to the O4S verse. We hope there are a lot of good things to come.

Luke Christodoulou- Guest Author Interview

Luke Christodoulou


Twitter: @OlympusKiller
Book Page:
Publisher: GreekIslandMysteries


What are your current projects?

At the moment, I am promoting my thriller THE OLYMPUS KILLER. It was released April 2014 and has since appeared in various Kindle charts and is Book Of The Month in two Goodread’s groups. Until the 9th of June it is on offer through Amazon Countdown deals. Also, I have started writing book number 2 from my Greek Island Mysteries book series.


Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Of course! Chapter 1 from THE OLYMPUS KILLER.
Chapter 1
The bright Greek sun had just sunk into the ocean.
It had been a beautiful sunset. The way the light jumped upon the waves, enflaming the waters of Vathy Bay, was spectacular.
‘‘Eye candy,’’ Stacy thought as she ambled past the colourful, little fishing boats, all lined up, waiting for their masters to arrive before setting off for the night’s late catch.
Stacy realised that this was the first time she had truly been alone since her divorce was finalized last week, back home in L.A. Her socialite friends had persuaded her to get away from it all and the very next day they were on their way to the Greek island of Rhodes.
It was so quiet and peaceful by the rock where she had sat and stared at the full moon. She gazed upon the shadowy, still ships sleeping on the dark horizon, before taking off her red Manolo Blahnik heels and carefully climbing down to lie on the golden sandy beach, isolated by the rocks from the rest of the world. All the aloneness felt a tad weird after being surrounded by crowds of every age and colour imaginable, just a few days ago at Faliraki, Rhode’s main club scene. After Rhodes, the gang headed to the island of Ko where they continued to party hard. She smiled as she remembered them all lined up on the bar counter at Jackson’s Beach Bar dancing the night away. Now, she was enjoying the serenity offered by the island of Samos. Jennifer, Ginger and the rest of the girls had done a terrific job taking her around the Greek islands -island hopping as Ginger liked to call it- to help her forget him. Him. She wondered what The God was up to at the moment. That’s what everyone called him at the company.
‘‘Hmm… to everyone but me,’’ she thought. Deep down, certain feelings lingered in her, but she could no longer bear the pain of staying with him.
‘‘Cheating bastard,’’ she said to herself and closed her eyes.
‘‘Beautiful night.’’ A voice from behind her interrupted her reverie.
Startled, she let out a brief scream as she leaped to her feet and turned towards the direction of the voice.
‘‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you,’’ the handsome, black haired man rushed to say, the moonlight revealing his sparkling green eyes as it danced across his face.
‘‘I don’t scare that easily,’’ she replied, trying to catch her breath. ‘‘You surprised me, that’s all. How long have you been there?’’
‘‘Oh, I’m not a stalker,’’ he joked, mocking her with his smooth, relaxing voice. ‘‘I come here to write.’’ His whole face lit up as he produced a silver Parker pen and a thin red notebook out of his backpack as evidence.
‘‘So you live here?’’
‘‘No, only been here a couple weeks. I’m on holiday too. Alone,’’ he pointed out. ‘‘Tom Smith,’’ he said, stretching out his right hand.
‘‘Stacy Anderson,’’ she replied. Her hand fitted perfectly into his. It felt strange using her maiden name again. Even stranger was the fact that she felt comfortable with this man she had just met. Ginger would have been so proud to see them sitting side by side in the sand, making small talk as the Aegean Sea caressed their feet.
‘‘So what are you writing about?’’ Stacy inquired.
‘‘It’s a thriller!’’ he announced, deepening his voice and taking on a scary tone. They both laughed. It had been a while since she had laughed and meant it.
‘‘I love thrillers,’’ she said with flirtatious excitement. It was the last thing Stacy Anderson ever said. As the knife hit her chest and penetrated her heart, Stacy tried to catch a breath and scream out, but her mouth was quickly covered by Tom’s left hand. His right hand lifted the knife again and the blade flashed silver in the moonlight. Blood was dripping from its sharp end as he stabbed her again with more passion this time and with obvious exhilaration in his devilish green eyes. All seven hits were to her heart. Tom leaned in close and slowly unbuttoned her bloody shirt, taking his time before turning his attention to the button of her jeans.
He gazed upon her beautiful naked body, gently touching her fake breasts. They were perfect, probably the best money could buy.
Then, with savage fury, he plunged the knife between Stacy’s legs, burying it deep inside her, before slicing viciously upward. He stopped when he was pleased that the pomegranate in his bag would fit. He stood up admiring his work. He then walked into the water and with a smile of satisfaction upon his face, Tom swam away.


What inspired you to write your first book?

The thoughts in my head. All those words swirling around in my mind, begging to be put to paper (well, screen). I have always been in love with books and admire authors for what they did. One day, I woke up and told myself off. I had to stop being insecure and take action. Now was the time. A year later, The Olympus Killer was completed and ideas for books 2 and 3 were structured into plots.


Do you have any advice for other writers?

Cliche but true. Keep writing daily. Never stop. And while you write, do not make the common mistake and stop reading. On a more practical note, I would advise aspiring authors to build their platform on various social media before releasing their book and if they are going for a more traditional route, to search for the correct agent and press. Not everything suits everybody.


Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Agatha Christie. She was a genius at setting up a plot with twists and turns that kept you guessing all the way to the shocking finale. Poirot is one of my all time favourite book characters and the settings in which she placed her protagonist were always thrilling and new. She was ahead of her time and a major influence of mine.